25 Mantras That Will Make You A Happier Tester

In my experience there are many challenges in the daily life of a Test team and this can lead to frustration and even stress. So, in order to make your day a little less traumatic, post this list of mantras above your desk (or create your own version) and I guarantee your day will pass more harmoniously.

I accept that some of the Requirements will not be perfect
I accept that the Developers have time constraints like everyone else
I accept that our Test Environments will not be ready on time
I accept that our deadlines will be changed
I accept that the Users will change their minds
I accept that there will be more bugs in the latest software release than I anticipated
I accept that the subject matter experts will not be available when I want to see them
I accept that the Triage meeting will take longer than I hoped
I accept that the Project Manager will not understand why my testing is taking so long
I accept that the fixes I was expecting today did not make the latest software release
I accept that none of the Users will know how to define Acceptance Criteria
I accept that the latest software build will arrive at 4pm instead of 8am
I accept that I will have to cull some of my test cases to meet the schedule
I accept that some of my bug reports will be rejected as “features” or “un-reproducible”
I accept that my Performance Testing will start late due to an unstable code base
I accept that someone outside the Test team will estimate my Testing window
I accept that the PMO will want to know how many Test Cases I will run today
I accept the concept of Groundhog Day – I have to enter my Day 1 tests for the fourth time this week!!
I accept that no matter how much planning and preparation I do, my first test will fail
I accept that my Test Data will be the previous version
I accept that there will not be enough time to check all the Batch Cycle results before the next online input day starts
I accept that I cannot re-create the Sev 1 bug in front of the Development Manager
I accept that I will be judged by how many bugs I find, not how many I prevent
I accept that the offshore team will misunderstand even the simplest instructions
I accept that I will also make mistakes – I must not be too harsh on myself…

Remember to breath and smile

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