Software Testing & Social Media

A few weeks ago I was asked to give a short (“Lightning Talk”) presentation at an upcoming (Thursday June 6) Software Testing Conference in Canberra – ANZTB Test 2013. I was told that I could pick any topic. “How to play a killer drop shot on the tennis court” initially came to mind, but I resisted the temptation and settled for “My 9 Month Social Media Test in 10 Minutes”. Not as catchy as I’d like, but it does encapsulate how long the test has lasted, what I’m talking about and how long I’m talking; as someone very close to my heart would say “it ticks all the boxes”.

In preparing for my short talk I came to realise that I have learnt more about software testing (via social media) in the past nine months that I had in the previous ten years. A true light bulb moment! It also reminded me that I had been telling my workmates for some time that I wasn’t seeing enough innovation in software testing and I was becoming disillusioned because of this. What I now realise is that I was just looking in the wrong places. Software Testing innovation is alive and well and living in cyberspace….

The Conference theme is “Advancing Testing Expertise” and it has suddenly dawned on me that (purely by accident) I have put together a short talk highlighting my own advance in testing expertise over the past nine months. What is really exciting about this is that I’ve only found the tip of the iceberg, as I uncover new sources of enlightenment every day.

When I entered the world of IT over 30 years ago I knew I was entering a special space that would engage me for as long as I felt the need. I still feel the need and have now found a new medium within which to enjoy my time exploring. To paraphrase a famous explorer – “I’m just going outside and I may be gone for some time”…..


One thought on “Software Testing & Social Media

  1. I can certainly relate to what you have said here. I have learned so much from my foray in to the Social Media, both in testing and many other areas. I think many testers who baulk at the idea of diving in to the Social Media space would be quite surprised to find how much is there to help them in their everyday and future requirements.

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