20 Reasons Why I Became (& Still am) a Software Tester

1) (It was 1986 and) the company I was working for needed an independent view for assessing whether solutions were fit for purpose (this was the first time that I became aware that software testing existed as a separate discipline within IT)
2) I like to help people
3) People like to “bend” software to do things it was never designed to do; I’m far more realistic about the capabilities of software
4) I like to solve problems and puzzles
5) (After almost 20 years) Coding/Programming had become boring
6) Software is innately complex and someone (other than the Developer) needs to understand how and why it does stuff
7) I’m good at discerning/discovering patterns
8) I don’t like it when people say “Don’t worry, it’ll work when we Demo it to the Customer”
9) Humans over-estimate their capabilities and are far too optimistic when it comes to solving complex problems
10) I started to see Developers writing code straight onto a computer screen and this scared the shit out of me (as an ex-Developer)
11) Too many folks in IT think that they could solve any Business problem with a technology solution
12) I can translate “geek speak” into “non-geek speak”
13) I wanted to have a bigger say in how (and when) projects were implemented
14) I love it when someone says “That’s much better”
15) I was fed up with hunching over a computer all day and not dealing with the recipients/users of the solution; I wanted to talk to REAL PEOPLE
16) (In the late 80’s and early 90’s) IT solutions were becoming integrated on a far greater scale (this was when the www was still using single line text commands)
17) As a Developer, I was spending more and more time fixing other people’s code, I wanted us to get it right the first time
18) As system complexity increased and interfaces proliferated (both inside and outside organisations) more and more bugs appeared in software – some of us enjoyed going on bug hunts
19) I saw software testing as a progression from writing software
20) I’ve met and been inspired by some of the greatest (software testing) brains in the world; a very personal “thank you” to Dot Graham, Mark Fewster, Bill Hetzel, Martin Pol, James Whittaker, James Bach, Paul Gerrard, James Lyndsay, Ross Collard, Lee Copeland, Julie Gardiner, Mieke Gevers, Donna O’Neill and Shane Parkinson

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