Killing 20 Software Testing “Sacred Cows”

1) You can Test without formal test scripts in a heavily scrutinised and legislated environment
2) Tester certification is not a Benchmark, it’s a Baseline
3) You can release software without counting Test Scripts or Bug Reports
4) Automating testing tasks doesn’t necessarily equate to using expensive Testing Tools (HP stands for High Prices)
5) Leading a Test Team IS different to managing a Test Team
6) Configuration Management is the Elephant in the room
7) Sending your Testing offshore is a bit like hugging your loved ones via Skype
8) Why do we focus on Code coverage more than Requirements coverage?
9) The majority of Testers do not take their careers seriously enough and then they complain when they can’t find a job in a tough employment market
10) The only way to become a great Tester is through hard work and attention to detail
11) Never believe a Recruitment Consultant when they tell you ….. anything
12) None of the major international Consulting companies should be accountable for the entire SDLC – Testing should always be performed by independent professionals
13) CDT is formal Testing
14) We ALL make mistakes, it’s how we handle ourselves after we’ve made one that really matters
15) Shooting the Messenger (aka the Tester) is not an option
16) Failure of software only matters once it’s LIVE; it’s never worth getting upset about Bugs found in DEV or TEST
17) A global agreement on software testing terminology is achievable
18) You CAN manage software testing of mega-projects with mind-maps, spreadsheets and storyboards
19) If you don’t understand the science behind Testing you’ll never turn it into an art form
20) Who’s Testing the Test Tools?

Dateline: Friday August 23, 2013; Melbourne, Oz


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