Sometimes I Think Too Much

So I’m at the point where I’m thinking “Where is this all going?”

Then I’m thinking “Am I entertaining anyone other than myself?”

Followed up by “Does it even matter whether anybody else is reading this?”

I’m vain enough to still be checking my Blog stats most days to see if anyone is landing here. The truth is that I never imagined, when I set out on my Blogging journey, that anyone outside of some very loyal friends (who also owe me lots of money) would read any of my missives. So, to say I’m shocked and amazed by the apparent ongoing support and interest (after more than 12 months and over 50 articles) is an understatement. However, we all know that numbers can lie and while it may appear that I have people in over 60 countries reading my Blog it may be that more than half of them land here by mistake. I’ll never know the truth because all I see are visitor and view numbers (by country). I don’t get your name and address and I don’t get your mobile number. I do get an email every time I get a new Follower and I do get to see which articles have been read, but I don’t know whether you read the entire article or just the first few words before tuning out and looking elsewhere for entertainment.

I’ve always shown a tendency towards under-stating any achievements that may occur as a result of some random act that I may perform, but I’m also working my nuts off to be the best I can be. It’s part of my Britishness that I want to succeed, but then apologise if I do!! It’s an idiosyncrasy of mine that I want to be recognised, but only by nice people…

Is this wrong? Am I being narcissistic? Am I over-thinking this whole Blogging game?

I’ve noticed a few interesting patterns regarding the readership numbers for certain articles. If I write something controversial lots of people seem interested. If I create a Check List or Top 10, people seem interested. But, if I write something strategic or process-focused there seems to be less of a following. Does this mean I should only write controversial articles or create Lists? I don’t think so, but I’m not 100% certain. On the one hand I could write what I want to write and not give a damn about any possible outside interest or on the other hand I could just write for the masses.

At the end of the day none of this is going to solve world hunger or lead to world peace breaking out but, then again, I never was a megalomaniac.

I’m very seriously considering whether I should branch away from my professional experiences and move into a more generic space or follow one of my other passions and write about sport, music or the movies.

Software Testing was a career (my second after software development) and sometimes it felt like it was my entire life, but these days I spend far more of my time playing sport, listening to music and watching movies than I do testing software. So, I’m at a crossroads. Do I turn right or left or just drive straight on?

Dateline: Friday November 15, 2013


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Think Too Much

  1. Life is short, Colin. I say write about whatever you want, for you. Follow your heart. You could be at a crossroads, but take whatever road feels right or or wrong or adventurous or fun or scary. Who knows where you’ll end up, but how cool is that? Hmm…maybe I should listen to my own words. 🙂

    Bottom line, I’m looking forward to seeing whatever it is you next write about!


    • Thanks Teri, I think I’m going to be diversifying and occasionally reverting to the odd Testing theme. But for now I have a series of articles I want to write about the significant people who have shaped and shared my life so far. I’m already drafting the first in a series about my Dad….

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