Let’s Get Tester Kim to Let’s Test Oz 2014

I’m about to perform an exploratory test like no other I’ve performed before. I’m going to test the compassion and generosity of my Blog readers and social media followers by asking for donations to get software tester Kim Engel to Let’s Test Oz 2014. Please note, Kim has NOT solicited my help with her venture.

My last couple of Blogs have focused on career development and the value of Peer Conferences like Let’s Test Oz 2014 within that arena. I have received a significant amount of positive feedback regarding these recent articles.

I’ve never met Kiwi Kim, but I do follow her exploits on social media and I am convinced through these interactions that Kim is a passionate and driven Testing professional who deserves to be at Let’s Test Oz 2014 more that most.

This morning I noticed that Kim has been creative and proactive in setting up a “givealittle” web page in order to garner donations for the sum of NZ$5,200 (that’s about A$4,800, €3,340 or US$4,500). I wish I could provide all of this financial support for Kim myself (in order that she be able to attend Let’s Test Oz 2014); however, I can do something on a smaller scale by promoting her cause here and promising to give NZ$1 for every NZ$25 donated. So, if Kim raises NZ$5,000 I will provide the final NZ$200. If Kim raises more than her target, I will further promote the idea through this Blog to send another deserving cause to Let’s Test Oz 2014.

You can donate at www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/sendkimtoletstestoz

I’ve never tried anything like this before, but I’m feeling really bullish regarding the success of this venture. As I’ve said before, Let’s Test Oz is a fantastic opportunity for software testers to expand their knowledge base and professional networks so let’s show the rest of the IT industry how supportive and compassionate we can be.

Dateline: Melbourne Friday July 18 2014


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