My Top 10 Projects – A Personal Retrospective

As 2014 draws to a close and 2015 looms on the horizon, I’ve decided to document a series of personal retrospectives of, what I consider, to be the Top 10 Projects of my software testing career. These projects span a period from 1995 to the present day – almost 20 years. Not all of these projects ran smoothly, but then the majority of projects don’t. I will detail the main challenges of each project, outline the solutions my teams and I designed and implemented to mitigate and/or resolve them and then provide some key learnings.

I will detail the projects chronologically, in order that you may see how my involvement in them shaped my career. It’s already been interesting for me to look back and identify those projects that I consider have provided my career highlights. There are many reasons why I consider these projects important and I will state up front, in each case, why the project made my Top 10. Most of these projects cost millions of dollars to deliver and involved hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people. All of these projects were delivered successfully, although not always on time and/or budget!!

Each project will have a discrete Blog allocated to it and in order to (hopefully) whet your appetites, I have provided a one-liner about each project, with deference to one of my all time favourite US TV shows….

The One about the Gay Reindeer (Australia)

The One about the Prime Minister who Killed off an Airline (Australia)

The One about Giving Away Free Food & Drink (UK)

The One about Gas (Australia)

The One about the “Laminated Project Plan” (Australia)

The One about Great Estimation or Lucky Guessing (Australia)

The One about Upgrading 10,000 Windows Desktops (Australia)

The One about Saving a CEO’s Job (Sweden & Australia)

The One about Pallet Black Holes & the Vendor who Lied (Australia)

The One about the 8,000 Live Bugs in Production (Australia)

Dateline: Wednesday December 31, 2014


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