Not All Cows Moo….

I was reminded this morning that being authentic is an excellent attribute to have at your disposal. Evidently, I’m authentic – you get what you see (warts and all). I have never professed to anything other than a caring, sharing, passionate kinda guy. The kinda guy who will support you 110%, if you are the real deal. Conversely, if you are a prat, you’ll get none of my time or oxygen. I did lose my way a bit in my thirties but, for the most part, I’ve been consistent and true. I came out the other side a much better human being, thanks to some very special people (you know who you are).

Today, I see far too many people being who they think they should be, not who they really are. If I see this in action, I call it out. I have no problem in telling someone that they are bullshitting me. I have no problem in telling someone that they are being disingenuous.

The point of this Blog post is to encourage you all be true to yourselves and be authentic. My way of doing this is to list the 20 most important things in my make-up on a regular basis. Right now this is my list (in alphabetic order)…. I encourage you to do the same on a regular basis.

1) Adventurous

2) Artistic

3) Authentic

4) Bold

5) Brave

6) Caring

7) Consistent

8) Dedicated

9) Family-focused

10) Friendly

11) Healthy

12) Intuitive

13) Loving

14) Passionate

15) Respectful

16) Sharing

17) Spiritual

18) Strong

19) Technology-savvy

20) Worthy

Dateline: Melbourne, Friday January 16, 2015


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