I Need Your Advice Jim, Wouldn’t You Know It

Dear Uncle Jim, 

I know you’re sunning yourself on the Italian Riviera at the moment, but I am in dire need of your sagely guidance. When I was a spotty young youth my Mum dreamt of nothing more than me becoming a lumberjack. Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. The giant Redwoods, the Larch, the Fir and the mighty Scots Pine. The smell of freshly cut timber. The crash of mighty trees, with my best girl by my side…..

Unfortunately Jim, I was never really cut out for British Columbia and somehow I ended up working as a software tester and you know, it isn’t half bad! I get to play around with shiny new stuff, looking for bugs in unfamiliar places and searching out new ways to show the developers that I’m smarter than they are!! I even get to write my own software occasionally, which really gets up the noses of the guys in the Development team next door.

But Jim, I feel that I’m at a crossroads right now and I need your guidance. I’ve started daydreaming about those Giant Redwoods and wondering whether my old Mammy was right after all. I feel like my world is shrinking and that I need to break out and take on a new adventure. Maybe I don’t need to go as far as British Columbia, maybe Canberra is far enough (only the Aussies will get that one!).

As the sage old chestnut that I see you as, can you guide me in a direction that may ease my passage to becoming a more mature and valuable software tester or do you think I should break these shackles and head for the wilds of British Columbia to flex my muscles with the majestic Scots Pine?

Conundrummed of Carlton

Dear Conundrummed,

I too have wrestled over the years with a yearning for wilder climes. In fact my life started in the poorer backstreets of South East London and took a definite turn for the better when I was whisked off to the wilds of Doncaster (another Aussie insider, I’m afraid). In truth, Conundrummed, you must follow your heart and if your heart says “It’s plaid and Levi’s for me”, then why not try Sydney or San Francisco?? Sorry, I’m indulging myself a little here, must get back on track.

I get lots of letters like this, Conundrummed, and my response is always the same – join the closest Software Tester’s Meet-Up group and you’ll find all the excitement you’ll ever need. And…. by some amazing coincidence a shiny new Software Tester Meet-Up is just about to launch in your home town of Melbourne – who’d have thought, eh!!

Why, just the other day, a lovely young man (I think his name is Raj) called me up and told me of a brand new venture he and some intrepid friends are embarking upon. I think it’s called the Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne (or TEAM). Doesn’t really skip off the tongue, I know, but they’re doing their best! Anyway, they tell me that they are going to get together on a regular basis to explore the far reaches of the software testing profession and extend each other’s minds by sharing rich and bountiful stories from their past adventures. It does sound wonderful, Conundrummed, and I think it may help you in your current quest for fulfilment. Who knows, they may even do a field trip to British Columbia.

Raj also tells me that he has setup a group on the Meet-Up website so you can register there, or better still, download the Meet-Up App and join these wonderful people in their quest. He assures me that he has set up a Group on LinkedIn (just connect to Rajesh Mathur) if you can’t find it. I really do hope you find peace and fulfilment on your quest for enlightenment.

And, please don’t forget, dear readers, if you have something that’s bugging you, please feel free to write to your old Uncle Jim and I try my best to espouse some sage advice.



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