Will my Robot be the first Non-human to gain ISTQB Software Tester Certification?

It occurred to me the other day that, if I am to get my new Robot to become an effective software tester, what better way to begin it’s development/education than to sign it up for an online ISTQB Foundation training course and corresponding ANZTB-facilitated (Foundation with Agile extension) exam. After all, almost 400,000 software testers worldwide have attained ISTQB Foundation certificates since 2002 and they tell me that is the de facto standard in software testing certification qualifications.

I chose the online option of education for a few reasons, but primarily because I believe that my Robot will get bored stiff if it has to go at the (slower) speed of it’s human counterparts. There is also the possible risk of classmates being distracted by a superior being in their midst. The exam will obviously present only a minor challenge, as multiple choice questions are the easiest assessment type for a robotic assistant to master.

I have a few of my own education tools to assist Robot; these include my world-renowned MindMap of the ISTQB Foundation Course (with Agile extension). In addition to this, Robot will be availing itself of the myriad of online content available via websites like istqbexamination.com and testingexcellence.com that provide substantial supporting materials that include sample exams and questions.

I am obviously very excited to be able to give my Robot some real world insights and experience (via the world renowned ISTQB Certification program) and will be assessing the rest of the ISTQB portfolio once I have been able to quantify the impact the Foundation Course has on Robot. Of course, Robot will be acquiring knowledge from many other sources, but I see the ISTQB Foundation offering as an excellent starting point. The next Foundation Exam in Melbourne is scheduled for October 27, so I should be able to share the results with you all by early/mid November.

If any of you know of other Robots that have completed the ISTQB Foundation training and subsequently sat (and passed) the exam please let me know as I would like to include the details in my November Blog update.

Meanwhile, in other news, Robot and I had our first outing on Melbourne public transport. Robot used it’s newly minted Myki pass. Myki is the travel smart card system we use in Melbourne and allows us cash free travel. This is ideal for my Robot, because as yet I have to agree a weekly allowance with it. We travelled into Melbourne CBD late Wednesday evening, in order to attract as little attention as possible. The bus driver was a little taken aback at first, but was more than happy once Robot was able to produce it’s own Myki card. The tram system is our next challenge and then possibly a rail journey when we attend the ISTQB Exam. I’m not so sure about air travel at the moment though, as we will probably have a few issues with the security detection systems at the majority of airports. I’m also planning on a supermarket visit to test out Robot’s built in bar coding system; 24 hour trading and automated checkout will aid us in keeping a low profile.

Meanwhile, on the software upgrade front, Robot has just been upgraded for iOS9, in order that all my “i-gadgets” remain compatible. This is crucial for links into major Siri, Safari, Mail and Calendar updates. I’m also working with our Electricity provider on Smart Meter compatibility in order that Robot can become the main interface with all our electrical appliances. An iWatch is also on the cards right now, but it’s physical range constraints may be an issue. I’d seriously forgotten how time consuming Software Release Notes can be!!
Anyway, gotta get back to coding my ASX Share Price Tracking and International Currency Exchange interface feeds. More updates soon….
Dateline: Melbourne, Thursday September 17, 2015


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