D is for Dauntless (My A to Z of Software Testing, Part 11)

About three years ago I wrote a short series of Blog posts that changed everything in my blogging world. It was a series that culminated with My final word on software tester certification. This blog post was read over 1,000 times within the first 24 hours of publication and to this day is by far the most read and most commented on piece I have published on this Blog. The reason I bring this up is not to self-promote but to present the context within which it was written and to also provide an up to date perspective – after all, three years is a long time between drinks!!

One of my main reasons for starting this blog was to provide real world experience from a very personal perspective – wearing my heart on my sleeve, if you like. I believe I have always done this and the certification posts have certainly come from the heart. The reason I took this approach was to (hopefully) provide an insight into real-world every-day issues that people within the software testing sector face. It was never my aim to say “this is my way and it is a good way” or “if you take my advice you will….. blah, blah, blah”.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve requires a certain amount of bravery, fearlessness, resoluteness and daring; in a nutshell, being dauntless. Some of you may not see Testers as brave, fearless, daring or resolute but for me they have come in very useful on many a day spent in the quagmire that surrounds much of our technology-driven job. It takes bravery to say “I want to stop testing (our multi-billion dollar project) because our test environments are too unstable“. It requires fearlessness to stand up in front of a board of directors and tell them (the business that they have just spent millions bringing to fruition) “I think we should give away free produce for the next three months in order to prove our processes and business model“. It requires resoluteness to tell a CIO “the software won’t be good enough to launch next week, in fact it probably won’t be good enough next year!“. And it requires daring to ask the sponsors of a major logistics company rebuild that “I want to spend some of your budget buying toy trucks and model trains“.

I have done all of these things I describe above during my software testing career and all of them were accepted and each contributed significantly to successful software implementations.

My main reason for sharing these stories today and writing about being dauntless was driven by several recent blog posts that I have read where people seem to be frozen by fear or constrained by controversy. If you believe (and can prove beyond reasonable doubt) that a specific action (no matter how wacky or left-field it may be) is the best option available – go for it and be DAUNTLESS. It will give you the strength and confidence to strive to make a difference. It will show the rest of the software development structure that software testers bring a perspective that can add millions of dollars to the bottom line of a business. It will give you the strength to remain resolute and become a better Tester….

Dateline: Bagshot, Monday July 18, 2016


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