Over the past twelve months or so I have received feedback on several of my Blog posts saying that it seemed like I was saying “goodbye (to software testing)”. On each occasion I assured the enquirer that it was not the case and that my stories were, just that, stories. However, maybe those writing to me share a greater insight, because today, I have decided that it’s time for a change.

There are several reasons for my decision, not least that I believe that my thoughts and ideas on software testing have run their course and it is time to take on new challenges outside of my chosen vocation. This doesn’t mean that I have come to the end of my blogging journey, it just means that I am going to broaden my horizons and focus my writing on several other passions in my life – my family, my sport/fitness and my travels. Each of these topics is going to approached from the perspective of someone older (and perhaps sometimes wiser).

As many of you will know, from the various interventions (by my family) into my writing, I have been extremely blessed with the family that life on this earth has given me. I have also written my sporting and exercise regimes into some of my posts and occasionally referenced the fact that I have been paid to live and work in several countries, which has allowed me to feed my passion for travel.

As a segue from this chapter of my Blog posting journey I want to reflect on what this phase of my career has meant to me. I initially began writing my Blog as a way of staying in touch with the community that I had grown to love and cherish during my professional life. It quickly became obvious (to this novice blogger) that my network was expanding far beyond the boundaries that I had envisaged. I am still in awe of the fact that so many people read my Blog every day – the stats provided by my service provider show me that in the four years since I began, the only day of the year that I get zero traffic is Christmas Day!! Wow, double wow; who would have thought, certainly not me.

I know that sometimes my writing lacks depth, but my approach has always been to write about whatever I am thinking (at a given moment in time) by putting something down on my tablet in one sitting. I never over engineer my posts (some of you may say “that’s obvious”) but my ethos has always been to write as I speak – plainly and off the cuff. I also know that I have often been (somewhat) controversial in presenting my ideas but, as I said in my very first post, my words have reflected my thoughts and my beliefs and while sometimes my position may have changed over time, I have left the original posts in place to reflect a particular moment in time.

What I am most proud of, over my blogging journey, is the connections that it has forged with you, the readers. I would never have met the amazingly generous and humble @TestPappy (Patrick Prill) or the incredibly hard working and inspiring @rajeshmather. I would not have reconnected with the EuroSTAR family or been selected as their official Blogger for EuroSTAR XXIII in Maastricht in 2015. And I cannot fail to mention how I enjoyed regularly pissing off the ANZTB (the Australia & New Zealand Testing Board) as a result of my views on their approach to Software Tester certification.

So, what next? I will continue to make my website ( available until the traffic reaches a point where I believe it is no longer providing a service. I will setup at least one new Blog within the next three months (probably something to do with health and fitness for the over 50’s).

In closing I want to briefly explain the title of my final software testing post. David Bowie released Changes (from the Hunky Dory album) in 1971, the year my working life changed forever – I got my first job in computing and quickly fell in love with the magic that is technology. My time in software testing may not have made me a Starman, but it did introduce me to some of my Heroes and many Young Americans. I have also felt (occasionally) like the Man who fell to Earth but I’ve always enjoyed being Under Pressure – when the (testing) chips were down. Some describe me as a Heathen but, it’s probably more accurate to describe me as Aladdin Sane!!

Dateline: Planet Earth; Monday February 20, 2017


One thought on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Wishing you every success (whatever that means to you) in all that you do. Our paths have only crossed briefly online, but I have always appreciated your insights in the testing arena. All the very best to you. Oh, and you do know Major Tom’s a junkie, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„



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